Setting the Boundaries: How Far Are College Softball Fences?

3 fields together

Ever found yourself wondering just how far those college softball fences stretch? Dive into the world of college softball, a sport that’s captured the hearts of countless campuses across the U.S., and you’ll discover that not all fields are created equal. From the eager rookie to the seasoned coach, knowing the lay of the land … Read more

Marking for Game Day: 5 Tips to Properly Marking Your Softball Field

Home plate with batter's box and foul lines

Softball is a popular sport that is enjoyed by many people around the world. It is a variant of baseball that is played with a larger ball and a shorter distance between bases. Softball is played on a field that is marked with specific dimensions and lines to ensure fair play. In this article, we … Read more

Baseball vs Softball Field: What’s the Difference?

Softball and baseball field from a bird's eye view

Welcome to the exciting world of baseball and softball, two widely loved sports! These two games share a lot of common ground: both revolve around players hitting a ball with a bat and racing around a diamond-shaped field. But as similar as they may seem, they have their own unique quirks that set them apart. … Read more

5 Softball Batters Box Dimensions You Need to Know

Plate w/both batters boxes and catchers box

When it comes to softball, one of the most important areas of the field is the batter’s box. With that being said, we all know every softball field isn’t going to be the same, even where they should be exactly the same. The batter’s box is no exception. This is where the batter stands during … Read more

The REAL Reason Softball Uses a Dirt Infield

Foul line with ball

There are a few reasons that softball fields opt for all dirt infields, rather than grass. like commonly seen in baseball. One reason is that the shorter distance between bases in softball means that the ball travels faster and bounces differently than in baseball. A dirt infield allows for better traction and a more consistent … Read more

THIS Is the Reason Why Softball Fields Are So Small

Foggy field view

Are you wondering why softball fields are so much smaller than baseball fields? Well, there are several reasons for this; but when softball first started, softball was actually played indoors which didn’t leave any room to play on bigger fields. Over time, many things about the game changed, but playing on a smaller field remained. … Read more

Fastpitch Softball Field Dimensions: 7 Things You Need to Know

Softball Stadium

Fast-pitch softball has players of all different sizes, but what about their fields? Whether you’re playing in a local league or on a school team, understanding the dimensions of the field is essential if you want to play by the rules and have a fair game. The dimensions of a fast-pitch softball field are regulated … Read more