Easton BX1300B Black Magic Softball Glove Review

Last updated on March 26, 2023

Young athletes often shift from sport to sport until they decide which sport they want to focus on or will have the most fun with. Softball is a great example of this phenomenon. However, genuine or more premium equipment can be too expensive if you think that he or she may change their mind within a month of trying the game out.

You should first invest in a starter glove that will offer your child the experience of the game without you having to splurge unnecessarily.  The Easton BX1300B Softball Glove is a great choice for this purpose.


  • Lock-down Velcro strap
  • May be used for both baseball and softball
  • Leather laces
  • Embroidered logo
  • Contoured index finger pad


The Easton BX1300B comes with a lock-down Velcro strap that makes sure that it stays secured and fastened to your child’s hand the entire game. There are no slips or shifts to worry about since the glove is sure to stay put and stay in place, catch after catch.

The convenient Velcro strap also ensures that your child will not have to struggle with adjusting straps, rings, or buckles every time you step onto the field. A little tug, strap it in, and you are good to go.

The BX1300B is also ideal for both baseball and softball. This is because its sizing falls right in between; the pocket size can fit either a baseball or a softball. The versatile sizing also means that it can be used for either infield or outfield players.

If your child might be bouncing between softball and baseball, the BX1300B Softball Glove is the perfect glove for maximum flexibility to get the same familiar catching feel regardless of which game is being played.

Leather laces wrap the Easton BX1300B in a stylish and functional weave. The leather laces also ensure that you get extra tough durability with your glove, ensuring use in many more games for years to come.

If you are looking for a more permanent glove the Easton BX1300B Softball Glove may just be the ideal glove for you.

To add to its aesthetic appeal, the BX1300B has an embroidered logo that is both stylish and durable. You don’t have to worry about ugly or annoying peeling that happens too often with other glove brands’ logos, especially after continual exposure to different environments and temperatures. The Easton BX1300B stays looking as good as new, no matter how many games its used in.

The contoured index pad of the glove also assist with in-game catching performance. The BX1300B’s unique finger curve enables it to be used with a scooping motion to secure a rolling ball with ease and precision.


Some parents who bought the Easton BX1300B complained that it had a poor fit. According to one grandparent, he bought one at size 13, which did not fit his grandchild, who happened to be a size 10 at that time.

In cases where the poor fit made it useless for younger players, parents were disappointed with the product. Also, the Easton BX1300B is made thinly, which could cause pain to your child’s hand, even potentially from a normal velocity throw. For some, a light game of catch was all that could be done with the glove because it fell apart so easily.


If you have an eager young slugger who has just gotten into the game, the Easton BX1300B Softball Glove would make a good choice for a newer player who is going to be taking it a bit lighter at first.

It’s also a good glove of choice for a casual game of catch with the kids on lazy weekend afternoons. It comes with a secure and easy Velcro strap that fastens it snugly around a young player’s hand for added stability during catches.

It also comes with an attractive design that will help your young player get in the zone and get a feel for the game early on. Either for casual play with the kids, or for starting young players who want to get oriented to softball, the Easton BX1300B Softball Glove is a great first glove of choice.

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