Louisville Slugger 10.5-Inch FG Diva Softball Infielders Glove Review

Last updated on June 22, 2023

It’s a big source of pride and joy to watch your kids excel at any sport. Softball and baseball are both great choices for a younger player. They involve mechanics that are easy to understand, skills that can quickly be developed by any beginning player, and equipment is readily available since the game is so popular.

The Louisville Slugger 10.5-Inch FG Diva Softball Infielders Glove is specifically made to match the needs of young sluggers whenever they step onto the field. You can beam with pride as your younger player steps onto the field overflowing with confidence.


  • 5” in size
  • Ideal for softball infielders
  • Softened pig leather palm made with mesh padding
  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty


The Louisville Slugger 10.5-Inch FG Diva Softball Infielders Glove is ideal for young fastpitch players in youth leagues. It can easily fit players between ages 7 to 9 years old. It would make for the perfect gift for a young and upcoming slugger who is just about to get into the game or is already into it and needs a more durable glove for everyday practice and play.

The Diva Glove was specifically built for softball infielders. It comes with an extra deep pocket to accommodate a large softball despite its kid-sized 10.5 inch specifications. It gives young players enough flexibility and performance to be able to develop their catching skills and allow them to appreciate the game and become more passionate about it.

This glove is made with a softened pig leather palm that makes it comfortable and ready to use right off the shelf with no break in requirement — but no compromise to its quality or durability either. Despite being made of durable leather material, it has been softened so you can expect that it will be quite easy on your youngster’s hand.

Even with its durable material and make, the Louisville Slugger FG Diva is lightweight because of its special mesh padding. Beginning young players often do not have much arm muscle to be able to bear the weight of a fully padded glove, let alone to catch a full-sized softball with it.

That is why the FG Diva Glove is made with a special mesh padding that allows it to cushion the impact of an incoming ball while still maintaining a minimal weight for optimal comfort, control, performance, and enjoyment.

Louisville Slugger backs up the glove’s quality by giving you get a full year’s manufacturer’s limited warranty with it. The company prides itself on quality sports equipment, so you can be sure that you are secured and protected in your purchase.


One disappointed user claimed that after less than a year of use, the FG Diva’s fingers bowed outwards at the tips and that the fingers had become floppy, which made it difficult to make and hold onto catches. Their child had to squeeze the ball with all her strength, which was barely an improvement over catching the softball with her bare hands.

Aside from that, one other issue that arose after a few months of regular use was that catches began to sting (a sign the glove might be past its break-in point and is well into its deteriorating phase). According to the buyer, it would have been a better investment to buy a higher-end glove would have been a more permanent solution for her daughter.


If you have a young infielder who is just starting out in softball or baseball, the Louisville Slugger 10.5-Inch FG Diva Softball Infielders Glove would make the perfect gift.

It is just the right size for youth leagues, and is made up of softened leather that doesn’t require breaking in, which means you can use it right off the shelf without any discomfort. The softened leather is a great and comfortable alternative to the stiff new leather that many softball gloves are made of.

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