Louisville Slugger Dynasty Review

Last updated on May 29, 2019

Slow-pitch softball players often move around the field, playing whatever position they need to at a given time. If you are one of these players, position-specific gloves are impractical for your game, as they would force you to bring several gloves to the field. Utility players require utility gloves.

Louisville Slugger’s Dynasty fills a niche in slow-pitch utility gloves, providing all-around usefulness in a quality package. Full-grain leather has the potential to last for years, and it breaks in easy. If you want a no-fuss glove that can go anywhere on the diamond and still shine, but doesn’t set you back hundreds of dollars, consider giving this Louisville Slugger a shot.


  • Full-grain cow leather
  • Utilizes Louisville Slugger’s pro glove pattern
  • Wide and deep, extra-large pocket
  • Leather Shell with Closed back
  • Adjustable Velcro closure
  • Unique, ladder-basket web
  • Super soft palm liner


Full-Grain Leather Web and Palm

The leather on the Louisville Slugger is soft and supple cow hide. Leather of this quality is not often found on gloves anywhere near this price range. It breaks in easily and wears smoothly, getting significantly better with only limited playing time. That ease of break in does not mean a lack of longevity, however. Cow hide is a tough and proven material in ball gloves, and it will last through years of tough play.

Extra-Large Pocket

The large pocket on these Louisville Slugger gloves bolsters their utility all over the field. The glove itself is small enough to be useful to middle infielders and third basemen, yet the size of the pocket makes it handle fly balls with ease. It makes a decent first basemen’s glove, and it functions well in the outfield, though not ideally. The pocket also provides a bit of leeway on running catches, helping the ball to stay secured even when not caught perfectly. It may not be perfect at any position, but its benefits far outweigh its drawbacks no matter where you play.

An Infielder’s Utility Glove

For those who play the majority of their slow-pitch softball at the infield positions, the Dynasty may be the perfect option. It is built on a smaller pattern than the typical 13-inch glove, owing its longer measurement to its wide, oversize pocket. It is small enough to flash some leather on hard ground balls up the middle and at the hot corner, and its size will be familiar to you if you played infield in your glory days.


Shell is Leather, but not Full-Grain

Unfortunately, the leather of the back and fingers of these Louisville Slugger gloves is not of the same quality as the full-grain leather in the web and palm. While still a decent material, it is noticeably stiffer and requires more breaking in. The shell’s leather will also require a bit more oiling on a regular basis to get it to stay soft, but once there it ceases to be as noticeable. Had the whole glove been made of the full-grain leather of the webbing and palm, these gloves likely would have required no breaking in at all.

Limited Supply

Some players simply must have the latest and greatest equipment, and they pay for it as well. For the frugal player, an older model softball glove can offer the savings they desire without sacrificing quality. For those who need the newest gloves, Louisville Slugger has a new 13-inch Dynasty available, though it lacks the full-grain leather and closed, basket web. Saving a few bucks on an older glove has more benefits than simple savings in this case, though.

Hand Opening is Small

For a glove that is intended for slow-pitch players, the vast majority of whom are men, the hand opening on these Louisville Slugger gloves is abnormally small. It is not that the glove itself is sized for youth players, though it will work for many of them. It is rather that the opening is constricted for no good reason. Your fingers will likely find a comfortable home in the stalls once you get them there — unless you have big hands — but it may take a bit of effort to get it there.


The most serious of slow-pitch softball players would likely scoff at the Louisville Slugger Dynasty, but it was never intended for them in the first place. Louisville Slugger built this glove for frugal player who wants the most bang for his buck. What it achieved is something of an anomaly: a highly effective utility glove that plays beyond its price. No doubt, you can dig deep into your pocketbook or wallet and buy a Cadillac softball glove. As long as these Dynasty gloves are available, though, why would you?

Still not sure?  Here’s a video with a 360 degree view of the glove so you can get a better idea for its size and composition:

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