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Last updated on August 20, 2018

Are you in the market for a new catcher’s mitt? Do you need a reliable mitt that will perform at a competitive level, without completely breaking the bank? Need a new mitt to catch for your daughter? A viable option for this situation is the Mizuno MVP GXS58 Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt. This glove is the replacement for the discontinued GXS57 model. The GXS58 is a middle-of-the-line piece that goes for around $90.00-120.00. This glove can fit multiple roles, whether it is to be utilized with in-game use, or just to catch bullpens. For players, this glove will do it’s job. It is a good size for a teenage player and should fit the hand pretty snug. For parents, the glove may fit a little on the small size, but will still work. This mitt comes in a brown and tan colorway with the ‘Mizuno MVP’ logo on the palm, the ‘Mizuno’ name on the thumb, and Mizuno logos on the strap and under the pocket. The GXS58 is not a budget product, nor is it a premium product, falling somewhere in between. It is a solid glove regardless.


The Mizuno GXS58 comes in a size 34” and has an adjustable wrist strap with velcro. This glove is available for right-handers as well as left-handers. Although you usually won’t see many lefty catchers, Mizuno is catering to coaches and parents who are lefties and want to catch for their player. The glove features “BioThrowback Leather” which is specifically for players that need their piece to be game ready. This leather also will last for a good amount of time if treated properly. It’s not super firm to begin with and will soften up over time, but it doesn’t take away from the short break-in time.The GXS58 is regarded to by Mizuno as “professionally laced” and equivalent of their pro-model gloves in lacing. The lacing on this glove is very good and will hold up, again, if treated properly.


The GSX58 is a newer, improved version of its predecessor. It comes with a more withstanding strap/velcro system, and it is laced efficiently so that the pocket breaks in nicely. The pro-level lacing also allows for the glove to last longer. The “Ortholite Parashock Plus Palm Pad” softens the impact that pitches will be making with your hand, and the double-hinged thumb and pinky make for a bigger pocket to ensure good softball-receiving technique. It has a soft palm-liner, and it’s “V-Flex Notch” technology does allow for easier closure. This glove will not have a lengthy break-in time. It comes equipped with soft leather to cut down on preparation time and get you into the game. For right around $100.00, this catcher’s mitt is one of the best in its market. It doesn’t carry the heavy price-tag that elite, high-quality mitts hold, and is a glove that will last for its user.


A disadvantage to this glove is that there is only one size available for purchase. The 34” size isn’t bad, but it would definitely be more convenient if there were more sizes. Also, the padding in this glove could be better. Do not forget that this is not an elite-level glove, so any disadvantages are nitpicks for the most part.


The Mizuno MVP GXS58 Catcher’s Mitt is a solid mitt for anyone who is catching at the intermediate level. Whether the user is a fastpitch softball player who needs a good glove that will last for a fair price, or if it is a parent or coach who has to catch for their players, this glove will accomplish what you need to accomplish. A mitt that compares to this one is the Akadema Praying Mantis Series: APM66 Mitt. This is another mitt that breaks in nicely, fits most hands well with a velcro strap, and can be found for around $100.00. The Akadema has a bigger pocket, so if you like securing the ball deep in your glove when catching, take a look at that one before ultimately making a purchase. The Mizuno MVP GXS58 Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt is a reliable mitt that will do the job for players and coaches alike.

If you need a little more info about how to choose a catcher’s mitt, have a look at the video below. If you’re looking for other fastpitch gloves, you can see our picks for the best.

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