Rawlings Fastpitch WFP120 12 Inch Glove Review

Last updated on April 3, 2023

young girl fielding softball

Is your daughter new to softball? Not sure where to start your search for her new glove? The Rawlings Fastpitch Baseball Mitt WFP120 12” is an introductory youth softball glove catered to beginning players. It is meant for younger players who are just getting into the sport. This glove is very inexpensive, and will be ready to go for game time as soon as you purchase it. On the other hand, it is one of the cheapest gloves on the market. This glove will not blow your mind with any types of amazing lasting ability but is sufficient for a beginner.


The WFP120 is a 12” glove, recommended for universal use in the field, (any position). It has a closed basket web, and a strapped front with velcro for adjustments based on hand size and fit. The basket web allows for support when making catches, as does the ZeroShock feature. The ZeroShock label can be found inside the glove, and refers to the anti-sting padding that the glove presents. The glove is brown with pink accents throughout the lacing and welting, and it also has a pink/white logo on the palm. The WFP120 is capable of lasting for at least a season or two for the casual youth softball player. Buyers can expect this glove to aid the user in deciding if softball is right for them as they progress through the sport with age. The biggest doubts about this glove have to deal with the materials used. Some reviews online reference the glove feeling like a plastic-leather combination, and refer to the laces as being plastic-y. Also, there is word of the pocket being thin and not very sturdy. So the glove is definitely intended for beginner players, and is not intended for an elite softball player.


The biggest advantage this glove brings to the table is that it will not break the bank, and allow your player to see if they plan on developing their game. The Rawlings WFP120 will fulfill that role; it’s a good glove for beginners. You just have to keep your expectations tempered with a glove that is relatively inexpensive all over the market. If a glove is set at a very low price to begin with it can’t be made with the finest leather. This glove will last your player enough time to find out if they plan on playing softball into their future. If this is the case, lean on investing in a newer, more performance-driven softball glove. This glove has a soft interior, and has a smaller hand opening to fit smaller players’ hands.


It can feel cheap, which causes a lot of the issues with this glove. It is referred to as having a plastic-feel that is apparent throughout the glove. Since the laces aren’t 100% leather, the glove will not flex all the way like gloves are supposed to. It will be restricted to the pocket-size it initially comes with. When it comes to quality, this glove is simply not made for the big leagues. It could definitely use some higher quality leather, as well as a sturdier pocket and overall fit. This glove isn’t really built to last, but it should be okay considering the conditions it will be facing at the youth level.


The Rawlings Fastpitch Baseball Mitt WFP120 12” fits the criteria that it planned to. This glove is made for players at the youth level, thus explaining its price and build. It isn’t a fantastic glove, but it’s a glove. It will be just fine for a young softball player who is still trying to learn the game. This glove has various competitors that are quite similar in makeup. For example, the Franklin Sports Fastpitch Pro Series Lightweight Softball glove. This is another very inexpensive glove that will make the most out of a purchase. It has a similar colorway, adjustable strap, and is made with comparable materials. These cheaper gloves are primarily for players younger than 10 or 11 years old, but are not limited to such ages. In summary, the Rawlings Fastpitch Baseball Mitt WFP120 12” is a solid introductory softball glove for any young player. This glove will do what it needs to do, but not much else. It is not a high-quality glove, but it is very inexpensive and can be replaced quite easily. For the price, this glove will get the job done.

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