Softball Blog Rundown: The Best Softball Blogs for Practical Advice

Last updated on March 28, 2023

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Though the game is the same everywhere, everyone’s experience in softball is unique. But, just as no two games play out the same, no two parents, coaches or players will have the same tales to tell. The blog world exists for people to share their experiences and the knowledge they have picked up with others. There was once a time when the type of information contained in these blogs was difficult or impossible to access. No longer.

Oddly, fastpitch softball was a niche sport that was poorly represented in the blogosphere until far too recently. However, a few intrepid souls saw the demand and decided to do something about it. Nowadays, there are enough accessible and informative softball blogs on the web that there is really no excuse for remaining ignorant about the game. The following are some of the best of the best softball blogs on the internet.

Fastpitch TV

Fastpitch Softball TV is the brainchild of fastpitch softball guru Gary Leland, who was a pioneer in the online softball equipment marketplace. Leland is also a well-known podcaster, and his blog contains articles that mirror many of his podcasts. From long-form articles on improving pitching and hitting techniques, to drills and strength-building exercises, Fastpitch Softball TV has something for most players interested in improving their game. Much of the information should also be useful to youth coaches and parents as well.

Fastpitch Softball TV isn’t just fundamentals and techniques, though. There is a video section with such topics as a running series on the history of softball, as well as articles on topics such as pitcher-catcher communication and creating winning cultures that get into the hidden depths of the sport. Articles are uploaded regularly on this informative blog, though video uploads can be feast or famine.

Amanda Scarborough

Sometimes, players simply need to hear advice from a peer, and a blogger like Amanda Scarborough may speak to young players in a way that they can appreciate. Scarborough is a former pitcher at Texas A&M and a current analyst with ESPN, covering collegiate softball from the regular season through the NCAA Division I College Championships.

In her blog, Scarborough’s technical advice centers around pitchers, and that group of players will get the most help with their games from Scarborough. The insights she gives into the elite, high school and college softball experience are universal, however, and her thoughts should translate to players of all ages in competitive softball. Sometimes, you just want to know you’re not alone, and maybe find out what to expect when moving to the next level. As a parent, Scarborough’s is the type of success story — athletically, scholastically and professionally — that you don’t mind your child emulating.

Softball is for Girls


Softball is for Girls has been posting blog articles on a regular basis since 2011. All the blog posts are filed by category and accessible. Players can learn much from the years of articles, from instruction to fitness tips and information on college recruiting. There is also a section devoted to softball parents, with information on coping with life from outside the fence. Softball coaches have a section as well, with tips on building team cohesiveness and individual skills.

Softball is for Girls has become extremely active, and new articles are uploaded regularly. It is a great resource for players, coaches and parents who cannot get enough softball information. The site is navigable, though perhaps not as intuitive as it could be. Still, having all this information in one place and free to access is invaluable for anyone involved in the game of softball.



The Rip-It blog is easily the best looking, most well-presented blog on this brief list. The articles on the site seem to come in waves, with stretches where no new content is uploaded followed by an onslaught of new articles. Some of them are fun and simplistic (best softball hairstyles), but the articles in the skills series are chock full of information that will elevate the play of softball players at any level.

Other highlights include the nutrition section, with articles that teach players and parents how to build an athletic body. Not enough attention is paid to this critical component of athletes’ lives. The rules and regulations section is brief and to the point, as rules should be, and the lifestyles section puts the universal truths of softball life in the spotlight. Players and parents will find tips that make their journey in softball smoother and more enjoyable, and youth coaches may find tips they can use to help every player they work with to improve.

Finally, don’t forget that Softball Ace has a ton of great content too. You can check out our list of articles with great advice here and also read rundowns for the best softball blogs for parents and for developing winning mentality.

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