Sweet Custom Gloves – Check Out 5 of the Sickest Custom Jobs

Last updated on March 29, 2023

Everyone likes gloves with colorful, exciting colorways and customizations. Several different softball-glove suppliers feature the option to customize a glove to your liking. Rawlings, Wilson, Nokona, Boombah, as well as many other brands have taken on the fad. Thinking about ordering one? We are going to look at a few different customized gloves, and ideas for your personal glove may come a little easier once you see them.

Worth Liberty Advanced Keilani Ricketts

Let’s start with the Worth Liberty Advanced Keilani Ricketts’ model. This customization looks clean to say the least. The all-white finish is sure to get dirty, but for a couple games this thing is going to stand out like it’s supposed to. The American flag is a very nice touch, too. Ricketts pitches for USSSA Pride, but also she won the World Cup of Softball with Team USA in 2011.

Boombah B-4

Sticking with the American theme, this custom Boombah B-4 glove’s more traditional red, white, and blue colorway is absolutely fresh. This glove is customized for USSSA Pride, the same team Ricketts plays for. The H web pocket really pops with the white leather, as does the white piping and laces.

Boombah glove

The next glove we are going to look at is also a custom Boombah glove. This personalized B-1 takes on a black, white, and teal colorway with a modified cross-web. The teal and black really work well together here. The buyer also furthered the customization of their piece by adding a number and name. This will usually increase the cost of the glove, but will only make it stand out even more, as well as fit your specifications even more.

Rawlings Liberty Advanced

The first catcher’s mitt on our list is this custom Rawlings Liberty Advanced mitt. The customizer gave it a royal/white look that will really stand out behind the dish. All the lacing is white, except for the adjustable blue laces on the wrist. The blue color throughout the glove does not engulf an entire side, but simply accents the sides, pocket, and finger-placer, (as well as the wrist-laces). All in all, this is a sick custom job. It really is a shame that it will end up getting dirty behind the plate.

Easton MAKO College Custom Series

    The 2016 Easton MAKO College Custom Series offers several different builds and sizes of these Easton Mako gloves in a beige, tan, and blue colorway. There is some red welting on the glove as well, found on the pocket and velcro strap. This specific model was actually made for the College Softball World Series, and Easton did a great job with it. It surely is a custom job only fit for the highest level of college softball.     These custom softball gloves will surely lead you on your way to personalizing your very own. The best part about a custom glove is the fact that it is one of a kind. Make sure to pick out the exact colors and model that you want to wear in game, and start breaking it in!

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