Yer Out! Here’s How to Tell if Your Softball Bat Is Illegal

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Obviously, one of the most essential pieces of equipment in softball is your bat. However, not all bats are created equal. In fact, some bats are illegal to use in certain leagues and tournaments. An illegal softball bat is a bat that does not meet the standards set by the governing bodies of the sport. … Read more

The Top 7 Slowpitch Softball Bats on the Market for 2024

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Slowpitch softball is a popular sport that requires specialized equipment, including a good quality bat. A slowpitch softball bat is different from a fastpitch bat in that it has a larger barrel diameter and is heavier in weight. Slowpitch softball bats are designed to hit a ball that is moving at a slower speed, which … Read more

Yes, Fastpitch and Slowpitch Bats Are Different — Here’s How

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If you’re looking for a bat, you might be wondering if there’s a difference is between fastpitch and slowpitch softball bats. Both types of bats are designed for a specific style of play, and choosing the right one can make all the difference in your performance on the field. In short — yes, there are … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About the Different Types of Softball Bat Materials and Design

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Choosing the right softball bat is crucial to your performance on the field. Plus it’s kind of the most fun part, right? Your bat is your best friend out there. From slow-pitch to fast-pitch, and from wooden to metal, each type of bat has its own unique characteristics that can affect your swing and overall … Read more

Hit With Power and Precision: Softball Bat Sizes for Adults

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Choosing the right softball bat size is crucial for any player, but it can be especially challenging for adults who are new to the game or haven’t played in a while. With so many different sizes, weights, and materials to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. However, selecting the right … Read more