What Is Fastpitch Softball? Everything You Need to Know

softball infielder

If you’re new to the world of softball, you may be wondering what fastpitch softball is all about. Fastpitch softball is a type of softball that is played with a smaller ball and a smaller diamond. Unlike slowpitch softball, fastpitch requires more skill and athleticism, making it more challenging and exciting to play. Fastpitch softball … Read more

OK, We Know Softball Is the Best Sport. Here’s 11 Reasons Why

fastpitch softball player

If you are looking for a fun and exciting sport to play, look no further than softball! Softball is a fantastic way to stay active and healthy while also enjoying the camaraderie of a team sport. Unlike other sports that require extensive training and specialized equipment, softball is accessible to anyone from age 8 to … Read more

12 Hidden Benefits of Softball That Might Completely Surprise You

A softball catcher strikes a superhero pose

Softball is not just a game but a way of life! Whether you’re looking for fun, or exercise, or personal growth, softball teaches you valuable lessons that you can carry with you long after you leave the field. Here are just twelve of the infinite ways playing softball can help you in life. Physical Benefits … Read more