What’s the Best Way to Store Your Softball Glove?

Last updated on July 25, 2023

When caring for your softball glove, there are a few different things to keep in mind. Never forget that your glove is an extension of your hand when you are out there on the field. To get the most out of your glove, you will want to keep it in good shape. You’ve already read our general advice on how to care for your glove. Another of the most crucial steps in keeping your piece in good shape is storing it in a safe spot when it isn’t in use.

Glove storage begins with choosing a place for your glove during the offseason. During the time of year in which you use your glove the least, make sure to keep it stored in an area that is cool and dry. This will keep the leather of the glove where it is supposed to be at in terms of formation and feel. If you worked hard to break your glove in, you will definitely want to choose a good spot to store it when you aren’t using it. Do not expose your glove to hot or cold temperatures for an extended period of time. This can mess with your leather, and impact the feel of your glove in a negative way. Leather has a tendency to break down when it is hot out, and it stiffens when the conditions get chilly. The same thing happens with the lacing on gloves. Always take this into consideration when storing your glove.

tied up sleeping bag
Don’t do this to your glove…

Inside your equipment-bag is definitely not the best place to store your glove. Inside your bag, there is opportunity for your glove to be flattened by other equipment. Heat can also get trapped inside of bags. There are plenty of different ways that a glove’s break-in can be tampered with, so make sure to keep tabs on it at all times, (especially when you aren’t using it). Do not leave your glove sitting in a car or other vehicle, as it could be exposed to extreme sunlight or cold.

During the season, try to leave your glove in a locker or another convenient spot that is always sitting at a consistent temperature. Whether it is out on your desk in your room, in your locker, hanging somewhere, or whatever the case may be, always be aware of the glove’s surrounding conditions. Make sure to keep a ball in your glove when it is stored. This will keep the pocket nice and formed, which makes it easier to catch the ball squarely in the pocket when it comes time to use your glove again. All of these good storage methods will affect the performance of your glove positively. Good leather means a longer-lasting glove with better feel and performance. The same goes with lacing, as well as your pocket. Remember, the better shape you keep your softball glove/mitt in, the more you will get out of it in the long run.

If you are interested in making sure that your favorite glove stays in pristine condition all year round, you can invest in a glove-bag. Some of the different major baseball/softball brands make them, and will keep your glove stored safely.


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