Wilson A360 Slowpitch Softball Glove Review

Last updated on April 27, 2023

If you’re stuck in the middle and not sure what position you’re going to be playing, you need to choose a glove that is versatile and will meet your needs every time. That is why the Wilson A360 Slowpitch Softball Glove was created—to cater to all playing positions on the field.

The 13” size model is a great in between size, and is available in both right and left-handed versions. The Wilson A360 Slowpitch Softball Glove was designed with the needs of many different players in mind. A great glove for slowpitch softball, the A360 is one of the most flexible gloves on the market.


  • 13-inch size model, ideal for all positions
  • Available in right and left-handed models
  • Ideal for slowpitch softball
  • Made with Wilson-assured quality


Whether you’re an infielder or an outfielder, the Wilson A360 Slowpitch Softball Glove is a great choice. It comes with an in between size of 13”, which is not too big for infield play (which requires speed and flexibility), while not being too small for outfield play (which requires maximum catching power in length and pocket depth). Consequently, the A360 is a great glove for all positions.

To be cater to both right and left handed players, the Wilson A360 Slowpitch Softball Glove is available in both versions. Regardless of your genetics or throwing preference, Wilson has your back.

The Wilson A360 is the perfect glove for slowpitch softball due to a length that is designed just right for the game of softball. The deep-set pocket is also perfectly sized to fit a softball.

If you have a friend who plays softball and you’re not exactly sure of his or her hand size or field position, you’d be safe to choose a Wilson A360 as a gift because it falls within the safest size and specification limits for any player position in adult slowpitch softball.

Demonstrating the same determination as a dedicated player, the glove is built with only the best standards set by the Wilson Company. Each glove is built with the determination to break boundaries and exceed expectations when it comes to play, flexibility, and performance.

Believe it or not, Wilson is also the official glove of Major League Baseball so you can reasonably expect that they’re only working with only the best people and the best materials.


According to one coach, the Wilson A360 Slowpitch Softball Glove is meant for recreational gaming, rather than for serious, frequent, and regular play.

And based on feedback from other users of the A360, it is not quite as it is pictured in the product ads since the pocket of the gloves received were just a regular gray leather without the black leather accent as shown in the pictures.

Also, there was no yellow W logo outside of the pocket, as the ad picture has shown. Overall, some of the users claimed that they did not receive the same glove as shown in the picture, which disappointed them somewhat.


The Wilson A360 Slowpitch Softball Glove is an economical glove. It is a great glove to have as a backup or a just in case glove since it does all the basic functions of a Wilson glove and just gets the job done.

For recreational players, for those who are just starting out and wanting to get a feel for the game, or for professional players who need a backup glove, the Wilson A360 Slowpitch Softball Glove is ideal.

Since the Wilson A360 Slowpitch Softball Glove comes in a size that makes it flexible enough to be fit for different positions, and is also available for both righties and lefties, it makes it a great glove just to have around in case you or someone on your team needs an extra.

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