Worth Women’s Storm Softball Review

Last updated on April 27, 2023

If you are looking to buy a new softball glove for a beginner or a moderately new softball player, one glove you may find yourself debating on buying is the Worth Women’s Storm Fastpitch Softball Glove. This glove is called a “Women’s” glove, but is actually made for younger players. This glove is priced in the thirty-five to fifty dollar range. The Storm comes in sizes varying from 11 inches up to 12.5 inches.  Because of this, try to choose a size that accommodates your position in the field best. This glove comes in a black/orange colorway, as well as a black/pink colorway. This glove isn’t meant for parents or adults, it’s primarily for younger softball players. The Storm is definitely more of a budget-glove because it is less than $50.00. Since it is on the cheaper side, don’t expect this glove to be super high quality. Though it’s not the nicest glove on the market, it will be ready to go for game time relatively quickly.

The Worth Women’s Storm Fastpitch Softball glove comes equipped with a basket-web to make fly balls and throws easier to catch. The basket-web is supportive, and the ball won’t be popping out all the time. The finger-holes are narrow, which makes it easier to fit and control. This is one of the main reasons that this is a glove designed for younger players. The holes are made too narrow for older users or for players with bigger hands. This is definitely something you will want to look into before making a purchase, and you may even want to try the glove on to see how it feels against your fingers. The ‘Silencer Palm-Pad’ is made to soften the impact of incoming softballs, as less-sting is always better. The leather is not the highest quality leather you’re going to find, as it comes pretty soft when you first put it on. The velcro-strap above the wrist is adjustable to fit different size hands.


This glove will not break the bank. The Worth Women’s Storm Fastpitch Softball Glove is at such a low price point, yet serves the purpose it is supposed to serve. The basket-web is supportive, and the leather is surprisingly good for the price. This glove will last for a fairly decent amount of time if it is taken care of, (see the glove-care articles on Softball Ace). The Storm is ready to go immediately as soon as you buy it. The narrow finger-holes help players that have smaller hands with controlling the glove efficiently. The ‘Silencer Palm-Pad’ is firm and will reduce shock from balls that aren’t played perfectly. All in all, this glove gets the job done.


There have been instances that people have not been all that satisfied with the Worth Storm. The fastpitch glove’s velcro strap came apart in just three months for one specific Amazon reviewer.

Another disadvantage is that there is some confusion on this glove’s Amazon page. The sizes are limited, and the handedness of the glove is not totally clear. One option is “Right Hand” while the other is titles “right-handed_throw,”. I would assume that “Right Hand” means the glove goes on the right hand, and you throw with your left hand. If you really are not sure, send a message over to the seller to clarify. The Worth Women’s Storm is not a women’s glove, it is a youth/teen glove. Make sure you take this into account before making the purchase. This is not a high-quality or elite glove by any means, but take it for what it is.


For less than $50, the Worth Women’s Storm Fastpitch Softball glove will do the job it is designed to do. This glove fits the hands of younger players with smaller hands well. A glove that is comparable to this one is the Franklin Sports Fastpitch Series Lightweight Softball Glove. The Franklin Fastpitch is a lightweight model that is designed for younger players and typically costs even less than the Storm. It comes in a lime/gray colorway as well as a pink/gray one. This glove is soft and ready to go immediately, but will break down quicker than a high-quality glove, (just like the Worth Storm). One reviewer said that the glove was expected to only last them “one year,”. If you are in the market for a cheap glove designed for younger fastpitch players, this is definitely also a viable option.

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