Easton Synergy Elite Fastpitch 2000 (SYFP2000) Catcher’s Mitt Review

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There is no more personal piece of equipment to a catcher than her mitt. The catcher’s mitt has requirements that exceed those of any other position on the field, and they must be met while still providing the utmost in comfort. The mitt must withstand countless hours of constant abuse without deteriorating, and it must … Read more

Fastpitch Glove or Slowpitch Glove: What’s the Difference?

Glove in Hand

To the passive spectator, slowpitch and fastpitch softball probably seem very similar. However, the games differ in some fundamental ways. Because base stealing and bunting are a big part of fastpitch softball, for example, the game moves faster than slowpitch, where base runners usually must wait until the batter makes contact to leave their base. … Read more

An Overview of the Major Softball Glove Brands

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Note: For an overview of our reviews of the best softball gloves, please check out this page. Thankfully in this day and age, it’s not hard at all to find a good softball glove brand. There are so many different variations available to players that cater to all types of players and various needs. The … Read more

Mizuno Franchise 12.5″ Fast Pitch Softball Tartan H2 Glove Review

mizuno franchise tartan h2

The search for the perfect fastpitch softball glove can be a never-ending struggle. With so many choices, weeding out the undesirables still leaves mountains of options. No one wants to throw money away on a glove that is ill-fitting or ill-suited for the player and her position. When a player moves around the field in … Read more

Soft and Sweet: Mizuno MVP Slowpitch Softball Glove Review

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One of the issues that arises for the adult slowpitch softball player is finding equipment that suits their varying needs. Few, if any, adult players will settle on one position and stay there for even a single game, let alone a season. These players need a one-size-fits-all solution, but one that excels in everything it … Read more

Easton Natural Elite Fastpitch Series 11-inch Softball Glove Review

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One of the more difficult hurdles new players face when trying to learn the game is learning to secure the softball when they catch it. This is partly because new players are usually very young, and their equipment is often cheap and/or ill-fitting. Easton designed the smallest versions of the Natural Elite Fastpitch series softball … Read more

A Rundown of the Differences Between Fastpitch and Slowpitch Softball Gloves

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Fastpitch softball is often played as a more competitive version of softball, with slowpitch being more recreational. The two slightly vary in rules, as traditional slowpitch softball regulations disallow bunting and base stealing. For the most part, the two versions are quite similar. There are some minor differences between fastpitch gloves and slowpitch gloves, but nothing too … Read more