Pitching with Style: Can Softball Pitchers Wear Sunglasses?

Sunglasses Throwing

Almost every pitcher knows the feeling of walking onto the field to be met by a blinding sunrise or sunset; those who don’t should consider themselves lucky. Pitchers, in particular, need to have sharp reflexes and excellent eyesight to deliver accurate pitches. However, the sun’s glare can be a significant challenge for softball pitchers, making … Read more

Softball Pitch vs Baseball Pitch: The 5 Key Differences

Baseball & Softball young pitchers

If you’re a fan of baseball or softball, you may have noticed that the pitches in each sport are quite different. While both sports involve throwing a ball towards the batter, the way the ball is thrown and the speed at which it travels can vary significantly. In this article, we’ll explore the differences between … Read more

7 Best Cleats for Fastpitch Softball Pitchers

Tying Cleats on Mound

One of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll need for your softball season is a pair of cleats that can help you maintain your footing and generate power with each pitch. But with so many options on the market, it can be tough to know where to start. Not to mention making sure you … Read more

11 Drills and Mechanics To Increase Your Fastpitch Softball Pitching Speed

Softball Pitcher & Catcher

Pitching speed is one of the most important skills for fastpitch softball pitchers. Being able to hurl the ball at high speeds can give you an edge over your opponents and help you dominate the game. But increasing your pitching speed is easier said than done. It requires a combination of strength, technique, and practice; … Read more

Fastpitch Softball Field Dimensions: 7 Things You Need to Know

Softball Stadium

Fast-pitch softball has players of all different sizes, but what about their fields? Whether you’re playing in a local league or on a school team, understanding the dimensions of the field is essential if you want to play by the rules and have a fair game. The dimensions of a fast-pitch softball field are regulated … Read more

Hit Like a Pro: The Top 9 Softball Bats for 2023

Softball bats come in such a variety of materials, sizes, and weights, which can significantly impact performance on the field. A top-quality softball bat not only enhances your gameplay but also instills a sense of confidence at the plate. Although it can be tempting to opt for the trendiest or most expensive bat, it’s crucial … Read more

Are Softball and Baseball Helmets Actually Different?

softball player wearing helmet with cage

Baseball and softball helmets are crucial for safety and performance. Although baseball and softball share similarities in their equipment, it’s important to recognize the distinctions between their helmets to make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing the right gear. Difference in Design While the materials of baseball and softball helmets are similar, their … Read more

Get These Immediately: This Type of Slowpitch Softball Flies the Farthest

A slow pitch softball flying far through the sky

Believe it or not, the type of softball you use can impact not only its flight, but also how it feels when it comes off the bat, making it essential to know your options to find the perfect fit for your playing style. So… what influences the flight distance and which type should you get? … Read more

9 Essential Things Softball Coaches Look for at Tryouts

Player & Coach

When it comes to softball tryouts, coaches are looking for players who can contribute to the team’s success. But what exactly are they looking for? What skills and qualities do they value the most? Knowing what coaches are looking for can help you prepare for tryouts and give you an edge over other players. First … Read more

44 Incredible Softball Cheers to Inspire Your Team

softball cheering

You might think softball is all about fast pitches, powerful swings, and quick reflexes. While that’s true, there’s another secret ingredient that often goes unnoticed, yet is crucial in deciding the outcome of the game – the power of cheers. Yes, you read it right! A resounding cheer from the stands is more than just … Read more