Soft and Sweet: Mizuno MVP Slowpitch Softball Glove Review

Last updated on March 27, 2023

One of the issues that arises for the adult slowpitch softball player is finding equipment that suits their varying needs. Few, if any, adult players will settle on one position and stay there for even a single game, let alone a season. These players need a one-size-fits-all solution, but one that excels in everything it does.

For those players, there is the Mizuno MVP Series softball glove. Mizuno designed this glove to be useful in all areas — infield, outfield and pitching. Off course, being a jack-of-all-trades can mean mastering none, but does the adult softball player really need to lug around different gloves to move around the field? Not if they own this softball glove.


  • Bio Throwback Leather
  • Utility (infield or outfield)
  • Open back
  • Quality Laces
  • H-web
  • Soft palm liner


The Mizuno MVP series, like most Mizuno gloves, offers a unique combination of a quick break-in and solid durability. The soft, pebbled leather comes ready for game play, but there is no sacrifice in glove life. This is a glove that can last for several seasons, as long as you clean and oil it properly.

The soft leather also means zero blisters during break in, as the glove conforms to the shape of your hand. Additionally, Mizuno incorporates a soft lining that absorbs moisture. The Mizuno MVP series, typical for the brand, get rave reviews rave reviews as far as initial comfort is concerned.

Mizuno designed the glove to serve at any position, and it does that well. The H-web makes fly balls more visible, yet does not hinder smooth fielding of grounders in any way. If you tend to float from position to position, this glove will suit your game.

Finally, these gloves are not one-and-done, single-season disposables. Mizuno quality is legendary. The laces are the same as in Mizuno’s pro gloves, and if well cared for, this glove will last through many seasons. No matter what you throw at them, the Mizuno MVP series gloves can take it.


If you feel the need for added padding to protect your palm, you will need to keep searching. The MVP Softball Series leaves this area exposed to hard throws, meaning it is not the ideal glove for the hot corner. However, considering the quality and the price of the glove, you should expect some sacrifices, even if they sting.

The Mizuno MVP series also has a non-adjustable closure. This should not be an issue unless you have oddly sized wrists, but a hook-and-loop would give the glove a more universal fit. That said, the closure will conform to the shape of your hand and wrist as you use the glove.

Also, the Mizuno Softball Series only comes in one web type. The H-type webbing (with two vertical posts) has multiple uses, yes, but some players may prefer a more closed web in a glove. If that is you, you’ll want to look at the Mizuno MVP Prime series, which has more web options (though no H-web) and similarly few drawbacks.


If you are an experienced softball player that moves around the field, or just starting out in an adult league and don’t know where you will be playing, the Mizuno MVP GMVP1300S2 might be the perfect glove for you. It is perfectly at home at all levels of play and at almost any position on the field. Its H-web design makes it a stellar outfield glove, but it is just as at home in the infield. This glove will simplify your life.

It is not, however, a compromise glove that you must learn to live with. This glove is an upper-tier performer, and you will never feel you settled on it. Buyer’s remorse is unlikely with almost any Mizuno. They are true performers, made of quality materials and capable of elevating your game to a level you may not have thought possible. The quick break-in time and the soft, pliable feel belie a durability that is uncompromising. The Mizuno MVP Series really are pro-quality gloves without the bank-breaking sticker price.

If money is no object, you may want to check out the MVP Prime Slowptich Series, though the only real difference is the quality and color of the leather. For most of us, though, the soft yet solidly durable leather in the regular MVP series is an excellent option. If you are only going to own one softball glove, you will have to search for one that beats out the Mizuno MVP.

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