Behind Every Pitch: How to Be a Good Catcher in Softball

Iowa St. catcher awaiting the sign.

In the world of softball, the catcher is the linchpin, a pivotal position that can turn the game around with a single move. Playing as a catcher requires more than just putting on the gear; it’s a dance of quick reflexes, powerful throws, and strategic communication. Catchers are the unsung heroes on the field, with … Read more

55 Pathways to Fastpitch Softball Excellence: The Best Drills For All Ages

Softball field with a view from the out of play fence

Fastpitch softball is not just another sport; it’s an intricate dance of strategy, teamwork, and unyielding dedication. From the resolute gaze of the pitcher to the poised readiness of the outfielder, every player embodies a unique blend of talent and training, making the game a captivating tapestry of skill and effort. Each match is a … Read more

Softball Secrets: 5 Core Elements of Top-notch Pop Time for Softball Catchers

Softball catcher in blue ready to receive a pitch.

Most softball catchers have heard of pop time and likely wonder what it is, or what your time is. Pop time is an essential skill for softball catchers to master. It refers to the time it takes for a catcher to receive a pitch, transfer the ball from the glove to the throwing hand, and … Read more