Pitch-Perfect Protection: The 5 Best Youth Softball Helmets with Mask

Youth player ready to hit

Stepping into the thrilling world of youth softball? It’s not just about the game; it’s about suiting up right! Every young player deserves a helmet that looks good and keeps them safe. After all, while softball is loads of fun, it’s got its wild moments with flying balls and bats. A helmet with a mask? … Read more

The Top 7 Cool Softball Helmets to Stay Safe and Stylish on the Field

Player at the plate, taking a swing.

It can be hard to stand out and feel unique in softball with all the uniformity between players. One place you can still take advantage of adding your own personal sense of style is the helmet. With even more amazing designs being released every year, you’re guaranteed to find something that’s just right for you! … Read more

This Is How to Clean a Softball Helmet and Truly Get Rid of the Stench

Bunting helmet close up

That feeling of opening up your bag for a practice or game, only to be met with a gut wrenching odor, isn’t exclusive to softball players. However, softball players do have to deal with a pretty unique predicament because of their helmets, similar to baseball. After a weekend tournament of 4 or more games in … Read more

The Top 5 Softball Helmets for Safe and Fun Play

Helmet & ball solo

Softball helmets are an essential piece of equipment for any player who wants to stay safe while playing the game. These helmets are designed to protect the head from the impact of a softball, which can travel at high speeds during a game. They’re made from a variety of materials, including plastic and foam, and … Read more

Are Softball and Baseball Helmets Actually Different?

softball player wearing helmet with cage

Baseball and softball helmets are crucial for safety and performance. Although baseball and softball share similarities in their equipment, it’s important to recognize the distinctions between their helmets to make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing the right gear. Difference in Design While the materials of baseball and softball helmets are similar, their … Read more