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Unless you’re an ambidextrous softball player, you might find this article useful. How many times have you been perusing the internet for a new glove, and get confused by how the glove is listed? Have you ever gotten nervous that you were going to accidentally purchase a glove that is meant to be used on your off-hand? Have you ever committed such a silly mistake? Online markets like Amazon do not always specify in the simplest ways which hand the glove you are purchasing goes on. This guide will hopefully clear some things up if you’re confused.

The easiest listing you will come across is one that includes the simple “Right Hand Throw” and “Left Hand Throw” options. From here, you can choose which one caters to your handedness, and be on your way. “RHT” and “LHT” are also used by suppliers, and mean the same thing as above. Sometimes, the listing will give you options on which hand the glove is to be used. These options could be listed as “Right Hand Glove,” “Right Hand Catch,” or even just “Right Hand.” Make sure to read all the options carefully before selecting which one fits your purchase the best. The last thing you want is to get caught up in some online returning frenzy because you bought a lefty glove for your right-handed player.

If you throw with your right hand, you are specified as a “Right Hand Thrower,” “Left Hand Catcher,” “Left Hand Glove,” “RHT” and/or “LHC.” For lefties, you want a “Left-Hand Throw,” “Right Hand Glove,” “LHT,” or “RHC.” Usually, the website will make things clear for their customers, but at other times this is not the case. Unprofessional postings on Amazon or eBay can easily lead to mistakes in ordering.

softball glove left hand throw
An Amazon listing for a left handed throwing glove – meaning the glove goes on your right hand.

If a listing doesn’t specify what handed-glove you are purchasing at all, make sure to contact the seller if you can’t find an alternate listing online. If there is no specification, don’t just assume that the glove is for a right-handed thrower. Sometimes, catchers mitts are made for right-handed throwers specifically. When purchasing a catcher’s mitt for a left-handed thrower, make sure to do some extensive research before making the purchase. Since lefty-catchers are a rarity in both baseball and softball, some suppliers will not specify that they only sell their mitt for right-handers. This can also be the case for infield gloves because left-handers usually do not play infield past a certain age. Be cautious when making a purchase for a left-hander, especially if it is a catcher’s mitt or infielder’s glove.

To recap, just be aware of what you are purchasing before actually making the purchase. Right-handed throwers, make sure you select the “Right-Hand Throw” option. This option could also be called “Left-Hand Glove,” “Left-Hand Catch,” “RHT,” or “LHC.” Lefties, make sure to get a “Left-Hand Throw,” “Right-Hand Catch,” “Right-Hand Glove,” “LHT,” “RHC,” or “RHG,”. Watch out for confusing listings on Amazon, eBay, or any glove supplier. If you are truly confused, look for a different listing online or contact the seller. You don’t want to wait until the wrong glove shows up to try and correct the mistake.

Now that you’ve cleared that up, check out our list of recommended softball gloves here.

Last updated on February 20, 2018

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