Measuring Your Might: A Timeline of Softball Pitching Speed by Age

Last updated on August 21, 2023

Diving into the realm of softball pitching, you’ll quickly realize it’s an intricate dance of finesse, strategy, and grit. Imagine holding the power to set the rhythm of a game, the thrill of outthinking an opponent, and the satisfaction derived from perfecting that seamless throw. But beyond the strategy and skill lies an essential component: pitching speed. As you progress from the eager steps of an 8U beginner to the refined prowess of an elite professional, speed benchmarks evolve, reflecting growth, practice, and mastery. In this guide, we’ll explore how these speeds vary across different age groups, providing a roadmap to understand where you stand and where the potential lies.

Pitching At Its Core

Softball pitching is a captivating blend of skill, strategy, and sheer determination. While it might seem like just throwing a ball, there’s so much more going on beneath the surface. Every pitch represents hours of practice, learning from both successes and mistakes. It’s about mastering the perfect throw while also trying to out-think the batter, reading their intentions and reacting in a split second. On the field, the pitcher is a focal point, setting the game’s pace and often dictating its flow. Their ability to adapt and make swift decisions can make all the difference in a tight situation.

Becoming a top-notch pitcher is a journey. It requires dedication, a keen understanding of the game, and a whole lot of heart. An advanced pitcher never stops learning; they’re always looking for ways to get better, from fine-tuning their technique to studying their opponents. But what truly sets them apart is their love for the game, that deep-rooted passion that drives them to give their best, each time they take the mound. Alongside this technical prowess, a strong mental game is essential. Understanding when to push forward and when to strategize, all while maintaining composure, is the mark of a true professional.

8U (Under 8 years old)

Beginner – 25-30 mph

Taking your first steps into softball at this tender age is an exciting adventure. Every mistake, every victory, and every game played is part of your journey. Remember, it’s not about the number of pitches you miss, but the lessons you gather along the way. So, keep that spirit high and embrace the world of softball with open arms.

Average – 28-33 mph

As a young player carving out a niche, you’re beginning to understand the nuances of the game. Each practice session, every advice from a coach, and all those cheering moments with teammates are shaping your future in softball. Celebrate your progress, always aim for improvement, and remember to have fun in the process.

Advanced – 30-35 mph

A shining star in the making! Your dedication and zeal are evident in your game. With every pitch, you’re not just playing; you’re showcasing a talent that, if nurtured right, has the potential to grow exponentially. Continue to practice, learn, and above all, enjoy the game.

A young pitcher. View from above

10U (9-10 years old)

Beginner – 30-35 mph

As you set foot on the field, every game offers a world of new experiences. It’s a blend of the adrenaline rush, the joy of a well-pitched ball, and sometimes the lessons from a missed throw. Remember, it’s the journey that matters, and you’re on a path filled with potential and growth.

Average – 33-38 mph

Your commitment to the game shines through with every throw. It’s evident you’ve grown from those initial days, understanding both your strengths and areas of improvement. Continue to improve and keep cherishing those little victories, be it a perfect pitch or a commendable team play, and always look forward to the next opportunity to shine.

Advanced – 35-40 mph

Mastery at such a young age is truly noteworthy. The hours of practice, the dedication, and the sheer love for the game set you apart. Continue to be curious, seek guidance, and always strive to be the best version of yourself on the field.

12U (11-12 years old)

Beginner – 35-40 mph

With every pitch, you’re laying the foundation for a promising softball journey. It’s a time of exploration, of understanding the intricacies of the game, and of celebrating every little achievement. Remember, every great pitcher started somewhere, and your journey, filled with passion and dedication, is just beginning.

Average – 38-45 mph

As you delve deeper into the world of softball, it’s clear you’ve got both the spirit and the skill. With every game, you’re refining your technique, understanding your opponents, and learning the strategic side of pitching. Continue to challenge yourself, embrace feedback, and always play with heart.

Advanced – 40-50 mph

Displaying such prowess at this age is nothing short of impressive. Your technical skills combined with a strategic mindset make you a formidable presence on the mound. While your talent is evident, never stop learning. The game evolves, and so should you.

14U (13-14 years old)

Beginner – 40-45 mph

Softball, at its core, is about passion, dedication, and the will to improve. Even if you’re beginning at this stage, your journey holds immense promise. The beauty of the game lies not just in pitching perfectly, but in the camaraderie, the joy of team play, and the endless opportunities for growth. So, take each game as a lesson and strive for continuous improvement.

Average – 43-50 mph

The teenage years are a mix of exploration and establishing one’s identity, both off and on the field. Your pitching style is evolving, reflecting your hard work and dedication. Embrace every game as a new experience, learn from both victories and setbacks, and continue to foster your love for softball.

Advanced – 45-55 mph

The diamond sees many players, but few shine as brightly as you do at this stage. Your consistency, technique, and understanding of the game position you as a standout. While you’ve achieved a lot, the road ahead is long and exciting. Stay humble, practice diligently, and always seek ways to up your game.

16U (15-16 years old)

Beginner – 45-50 mph

If you’re new to the game at this age, the most important thing is to not be discouraged by initial success, or lack there of. Rather, focus on the improvements you’re making and how you can potentially make them faster.

Average – 48-55 mph

As you approach the latter part of your teen years, your game begins to reflect maturity. This is a crucial phase, a time to build on your skills and establish a strong foundation. Absorb knowledge from coaches, peers, and every game played. Your determination, combined with consistent effort, will undoubtedly elevate your game.

Advanced – 50-60 mph

By this age, an advanced pitcher will have had extensive training outside of practice time and has truly honed in their skills. This is also a crucial time to keep doing so if you’d like to remain on that elite path.

A pitch being thrown in a softball game.

18U (17-18 years old)

Beginner – 50-55 mph

Softball knows no age. Whether you’re starting early or late, your passion and dedication determine your journey. Immerse yourself in the game, seek guidance, and remember that every pitch, every game is a stepping stone to greatness.

Average – 53-60 mph

On the cusp of adulthood, your game reflects both talent and potential. This phase is all about refining skills, understanding strategies, and preparing for future challenges, be it in college softball or other avenues. Cherish every moment on the mound, and always play with a learner’s spirit.

Advanced – 55-65 mph

With college on the horizon, your game now can be a ticket to bigger opportunities. Your skills, honed over the years, make you a promising talent. But remember, the journey doesn’t end here. Keep pushing boundaries, stay updated with the game’s dynamics, and always strive for excellence.

College and Adult Recreational

Beginner/Recreational – 50-60 mph

Regardless of age, stepping onto the field with enthusiasm and passion is what truly matters. Whether you’re playing for the thrill, camaraderie, or just the love of the sport, every pitch is an opportunity to create memories. Stay consistent, enjoy every game, and you’ll see progress sooner than you think.

Average – 53-65 mph

Balancing various aspects of life with the sport can be challenging, but your dedication to the game is commendable. Each practice, each game, is a testament to your love for softball. Continue to invest time, learn from experiences, and remember to enjoy the process.

NCAA/Advanced – 55-70 mph

College softball is a different ballgame altogether. The stakes are high, but so is the excitement. Your game now is not just a reflection of your skills but your determination, discipline, and commitment to the sport. Embrace the challenges, cherish the highs, learn from the lows, and always aim for the stars.


60-75 mph

Standing at the zenith of softball pitching, your game is a blend of years of hard work, countless hours of practice, and an unwavering passion. Every pitch thrown resonates with dedication and a deep love for the sport. Your journey serves as an inspiration to many, showcasing that with perseverance and determination, one can truly achieve greatness in the realm of softball.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a pitcher’s role influence the overall flow of the game?

The pitcher sets the rhythm and pace of the game, acting as a central figure in the dynamic between offense and defense. A skilled pitcher can strategically control the batter’s reactions and dictate the tempo, making it challenging for the opposing team to gain momentum. Conversely, a pitcher’s struggles can energize the other team and shift the game’s balance.

What are the key qualities of a top-notch softball pitcher?

A top-notch softball pitcher possesses a blend of technical proficiency, mental resilience, and strategic insight. They continually refine their technique while also mastering the art of reading batters and adjusting their pitches accordingly. Beyond the physical skill set, their dedication, passion for the game, and ability to remain composed under pressure truly set them apart.

How can late beginners in the 16U and 18U categories catch up with their peers?

Late beginners in the 16U and 18U categories can catch up by immersing themselves fully in the game, seeking specialized coaching, and dedicating extra hours to practice. Participating in additional training sessions, leveraging resources like video analysis, and playing against more experienced opponents can accelerate their learning curve. Moreover, embracing a growth mindset and focusing on consistent improvement, rather than immediate results, will serve them well.

Are there specific exercises or drills to help pitchers increase their speed?

Yes, there are specific exercises and drills tailored for pitchers to enhance their speed. Strength training exercises, such as resistance band workouts and plyometric drills, can develop the muscles involved in pitching. Pitching-specific drills, like the towel drill or the long toss, also help in refining technique and increasing arm speed, which are pivotal for enhancing pitch velocity.

Fastpitch Pitcher With Headband


As you journey through the world of softball pitching, it’s evident that speed is a dynamic factor, evolving with age, practice, and experience. Just as you’ve mastered the art of reading an opponent or perfecting your throw, understanding and honing your pitching speed becomes paramount. Whether you’re at the starting line of an 8U player or pushing boundaries in professional leagues, speed serves as both a benchmark and a testament to your growth. In this realm of precision, strategy, and drive, always remember: it’s not just about the velocity, but the passion, dedication, and heart behind every pitch. Aim, throw, and keep soaring.

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