The 3 Best Soft Toss Machines to Fine-Tune Your Swing This Season

Last updated on August 4, 2023

Imagine a tool that’s like having a personal softball coach at your disposal, ready to help you perfect that home-run swing. Soft toss machines are exactly that—a friendly companion for players who want to up their game. Whether you’re practicing alone or simply need an extra hand, these machines are there to simulate soft toss, allowing you to practice your swings and timing at your own pace. They’re dependable, accurate, and incredibly easy to use, truly a must-have for anyone serious about softball.

Join us as we explore the best soft toss machines on the market, tailored to fit both newcomers and seasoned players. From the type of ball they toss to the power source they use, we’ve considered it all. Our curated list promises to help you find the perfect machine that complements your unique playing style and takes your game to soaring new heights. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Best Soft Toss Machines

Louisville Slugger Soft Toss Training System

Louisville Slugger Soft Toss Training System

If you’re looking to improve your hand-eye coordination and timing, the Louisville Slugger Soft Toss Training System is worth considering.


  • The unique slope will soft-toss baseballs and softballs towards the batter to improve hand-eye coordination and timing.
  • Fully adjustable height to toss the ball to players of all ages.
  • Load the feeding arm yourself and release balls at 6/8/10 second intervals allowing you to get your swings in without the need of a partner.


  • Different types of balls can be used although certain softballs are not recommended as the high seams could affect the trajectory of the ball.
  • The automatic ball dispenser is loose fitting and could break if it falls on pavement.
  • A bit shaky in the batting cage in our backyard, sometimes balls roll off the side.

The Louisville Slugger Soft Toss Training System is a great tool for improving your batting skills. The unique slope and fully adjustable height make it suitable for players of all ages. The feeding arm is easy to load and release, allowing you to practice without a partner.

The only downside is that certain types of softballs are not recommended, and the automatic ball dispenser is a little loose fitting. Seams that are too high have been reported to change the trajectory of the ball.

Jugs Toss Machine

Jugs Toss Machine

Improve your hand-eye coordination with Jugs Toss Machine, which can hold up to 14 baseballs or 10 softballs and tosses one ball every 5 seconds. It’s perfect for offensive and defensive drills and can be set up in any 10-by-10-foot space, including backyards and garages.


  • Helps improve hand-eye coordination
  • Can hold up to 14 baseballs or 10 softballs
  • Can be set up in any 10-by-10-foot space


  • Requires manual reloading after every 14-15 pitches
  • Throws only one type of pitch
  • Expensive compared to other soft toss machines

Jugs Toss Machine is a great investment for anyone looking to improve their batting skills. It can be used for both baseball and softball and is suitable for players of all ages. The machine is easy to set up and requires no electricity, making it perfect for use in any location.

The machine has a few drawbacks, including the need for manual reloading after every 14-15 pitches and the fact that it only throws one type of pitch. Additionally, it is more expensive than other soft toss machines on the market.

Pop Toss Slow Pitch Pitching Machine

Pop Toss Slow Pitch Pitching Machine

Looking for a non-electric, non-battery soft toss machine? Pop Toss Slow Pitch Pitching Machine is an excellent choice for softball players who want to practice hitting by themselves or with friends.


  • Tosses a 12 inch softball on a long, high arc (adjustable)
  • Practice by yourself
  • All you need to practice to become the best hitter ON YOUR TEAM


  • New design slow pitch device, to be only/used purchased by experienced hitters
  • Comes with like 10 pages of instructions
  • Not suitable for experienced players who want a real pitcher experience

Pop Toss Slow Pitch Pitching Machine is a great training aid for hitting a slow pitch softball. It really helps with practicing those ball placement swings. The adjustments take a little playing to figure out your best distance and height, but once you do, it’s easy to use. The machine is also adjustable, so those who are new to slow pitch softball can use it. It provides tossing height and distance as much as 10 feet high (adjustable lower, if you want) and distance 10 to 27 feet, and can be set up for 4 to 6 feet high SOFT TOSS hitting.

If you’re looking for a non-electric, non-battery soft toss machine, Pop Toss Slow Pitch Pitching Machine is an excellent choice. It’s easy to use, and it’s great for practicing hitting by yourself or with friends.

Buying Guide

When it comes to buying a soft toss machine, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you get the best product for your needs.

Features to Consider

Before making a purchase, consider the following features:

  • Speed: The speed of the machine can greatly affect the difficulty level of the training. Look for a machine that offers a range of speeds to accommodate different skill levels.
  • Adjustability: The ability to adjust the height and angle of the toss is important for practicing different types of pitches.
  • Portability: If you plan on using the machine in different locations, consider a portable option that is easy to move and set up.
  • Durability: Look for a machine made with high-quality materials that can withstand frequent use and outdoor conditions.
  • Ease of Use: A user-friendly machine with simple controls and easy assembly will make training sessions more efficient and enjoyable.

Types of Soft Toss Machines

There are several types of soft toss machines available, including:

  • Wheel Machines: These machines use wheels to propel the ball and are typically more affordable than other options.
  • Air Machines: These machines use compressed air to launch the ball and can provide more consistent tosses.
  • Spring-Loaded Machines: These machines use a spring-loaded mechanism to toss the ball and can be more accurate than other options.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can make an informed decision and choose the best soft toss machine for your training needs.

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